Upcoming Events

Date Time Activity
Feb 22 10:00am–noon Abilities Art Workshop, St. Benedict Catholic Church, contact Robert DeSimone if you are planning to attend. We need to arrange for canvases and art supplies.
Feb 29 9:00–1:30pm Outing to Fort Cooper; rock painting while overlooking Lake Holathlikaha at 3100 S. Old Floral City Road. Participants may bring their own rocks and paint supplies or use ones provided. Park entrance fee of $3.00/vehicle. Remember to bring water and insect repellent. It should be fun like last year’s event. Please contact Maryellen or Carla if you plan to attend.
Mar 7 10:00 am – noon Abilities Art Workshop, St. Benedict Catholic Church
Mar 14 8:00am–5:00pm Shrimpapalooza, Old Homosassa Downtown/potential float in the parade. Watch for more details.
Mar 28 Spring Fling, New Horizons Village
Apr 18 Spaghetti Dinner, St. Benedict Catholic Church; Gift baskets will be requested as with last year – maximum value of $25.
Apr 25 10:00am–noon Abilities Art Workshop, St. Benedict Catholic Church

Please RSVP for all events you plan to attend at least 3 days prior to the Event. Event Committee must have this information to find the appropriate venue and plan for the necessary food and refreshments. Please respect this request so that everyone can be served.

RSVP Contacts: Maryellen Richmond 352-637-0692
Carla Stewart 918-261-4196 (to register for other events)
Cheryl Von Schoppe 352-527-1747 (to register for Ladies Luncheon and Girls Night Out)
Robert DeSimone 352-628-5606 (to support Art Workshops or Dance Lesson)

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